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Thank you so much! 

It was a pleasure to have you as a teacher not only for your knowledge that you have but also for the relaxed atmosphere and also the flexibility that you have.  Thank you also for showing that the road is not so easy too!

Fred M - Rockton IL - Dec 2016

There are some ice cream course around the country but FDI is the best one. It exceed my expectation about the 3 days course with Steve Christensen (the guru of frozen custard) It is the best investment for your knowledge if you want to become an independent ice cream shop owner.

This is the course that helps you from the ground up, with all the knowledge and proficiency that Steve has, he doesn’t mind to share with all the students and he is bloody good at what he does, very professional. A lot hands on and of course you will learn how to marketing your product, how to manage your shop, how to take care of your finance, employee, customers and health code.

It’s just cover all the aspect that you need to start ice cream business. And the fun part is you taste ice cream all the time…hm yum yum

Daramoon Seng

Moon Donuts & Cafe

​Monticello MN

"The Hour of Power, a Great way to get Organized. I attended Penn State Ice Cream 101 and in April completed the FDI course in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

So many ideas, so little time? Start with the Hour of Power to get organized. My direction and goals can be seen more clearly now. Steve was very generous with his time, a lot was accomplished in a very short amount of time. If you are prepared, Steve will be able to help you. The shortest distance to your goal is a straight line. Steve can help you find your straight line of thinking.   Thanks Steve!" 

Kim Montello,

CMB Senior Baking Instructor 

"I got so much out of this course. Steve's knowledge and his willingness to share information was invaluable.  

He is passionate about the business and it shows.    I would recommend Steve's  courses to anyone getting into this business"

Rachel U,

Columbus OH

​"Can't wait to use all the knowledge gained. Hands-on experience was invaluable, and Steve was filled with gems of insight. Segments on store management, financial spreadsheets and site layout were just as helpful as actual ice cream production.  Thanks"

Elissa Brown

Wild Scoops


Steve Christensen has worked with international, national and regional fast food and QSR restaurants, cafes, grocery chains, resorts, casino's as well as thousands of independent operators all over the world in the development, opening and operation of their ice cream and frozen dessert businesses.  Here are some of the comments from those who Steve has worked with one on one.

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