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The Cost of this course is $375 per person and a 10% discount applies to 2 or more registration.  Click on the course dates to the right to register.

We are only accepting a limited number of students for this specialized class so please register early


The course is situated at the Scoop School facility in St Louis Missouri and runs from Monday morning to Wednesday afternoon. Wednesday morning is a tour of a large operating mix facility so specific clothing is required. This tour is optional if you or your manager need to return to your business on the Tuesday after class.

If you have any questions that our FAQ page does not answer, please email the course administrator at

The Course Covers the following topics

OPERATIONAL REVIEW AND TROUBLE SHOOTING A checklist and review of Policy, Procedure and Operational elements of your business to help you identify what is working well and what needs work.  This will be the foundational session of the course and all other subjects will deal with increasing effectiveness and efficiency in the operation of your ice cream or frozen dessert business.

POLICY AND PROCEDURE HANDBOOKS DEVELOPMENT.  It all starts with a well written and distributed PnP handbook.  In this session, we will go over the legally required and basic elements of an effective handbook and how to police them.  Please bring yours with you to this session for your own review. If you don’t have one – we will provide one for you

HACCP AND HEALTH DEPARTMENT LIAISON.  With Listeria contaminations dominating the frozen dessert industry news, this session covers a review of your Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Procedures, where contamination issues can occur and what you can do to prevent them.  Health Department Officials also attend and shed light on general Health Department approvals, Inspections, and Complaints.

 INVENTORY MANAGEMENT AND MONITORING - PRODUCTION EFFICIENCY.  This session looks at your inventory management and ordering process and how to minimize your inventory costs. Also, who to utilize your foodservice distribution network to get the maximum value from your suppliers.  We also cover the production procedure of your frozen desserts, from the
formulation, freezing, storage, and display; How to streamline this process to reduce costs and increase efficiency in manpower and “power” power.

EMPLOYEE MANAGEMENT.  Your employees are the greatest asset or the worst liability to the success and growth of your business.  This session deals with how to get the most out of your employees including:

  • Hiring and Firing practices
  • Employee Retention and Motivation in the workplace
  • Effective Communication principles to get the most out of your employees
  • Systems, accountability, and discipline
  • Payroll and Incentive programs to promote increased workplace efficiency

ADVANCED MARKETING AND PROMOTION.  This session we cover a number of strategies and topics to help you market your business more effectively and harness the power of your “customer community” to increase brand awareness and sales through:

  • Menu Development,
  • Limited Time Offers and In-store promotions to drive loyalty,
  • Social media sharing and review based marketing
  • Customer service Upselling

BUSINESS GROWTH STRATEGY. This session looks at identifying growth opportunities within your marketplace including

  •  Wholesaling to local restaurants and food service business,
  • Finding community causes to support and sell to
  • Food trucking, farmers markets, and remote sales venues
  • Business catering


Touring an operational mix plant gives our students the understanding and scope as to what goes into the process of the production of your base mix. 

From receiving the milk and cream from a co-op of locally owned dairies, through the homogenization and pasteurization and packaging process, this plant tour will help students understand the production process of their mix and be better able to communicate the process in customer liaison and marketing channels.

Your managers are the lifeline to your business.  They allow you to get to work on growing your business while they take care of the day to day operations and management. This course content is designed to help you as the owner (or your managers), to reduce costs and operational problems and increase sales and business growth.

PREREQUISITE - YOU MUST own your own frozen dessert business, or have managerial responsibilities in a frozen dessert store to attend this course.  Basic frozen dessert operations and knowledge is a must as we touch on more advanced topics, policies and procedures of frozen dessert business management.