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Steve Christensen

Self Appointed Headmaster - Scoop School

 Stephen Christensen has become an authoritative voice and thought leader in the frozen dessert community both in the United States and internationally and he currently fulfills the role of Executive Director of the National Ice Cream Retailers Association (NICRA), and the Headmaster (Self Appointed) of Scoop School.

After opening and operating a chain of frozen custard stores in his native Australia, Steve was invited by a major US equipment manufacturer to the United States, and moved to the United States with his family in 2004.

Taking up a position as the Self Appointed Headmaster of Scoop School in St Louis Missouri, Steve has trained literally tens of thousands of current and "would be" ice cream business owners (both independent and franchise) in the art of making ice cream and growing a retail and wholesale frozen dessert business.

In fact, Steve has had a hand in opening more than 750 ice cream and frozen dessert retail locations and has worked with such chains as Costco, Whole Foods, Sandals Resorts, Rita's Water Ice, Hollywood Casinos and many more on training and/or developing their frozen dessert programs.

As a sought-after keynote speaker and seminar leader, Steve gives regular workshops, seminars, and addresses all around the country at such events as:

*Annual Penn State University Ice Cream Courses     *National Ice Cream Retailers Association
*Great Lakes Ice Cream and Fast Food Association    *New York International Restaurant Show
*The North American Pizza and Ice Cream Show        *The FES show, Sydney Australia
*New England Ice Cream Restaurant Association        *SIGEP International Ice Cream Show, Italy

*The Ice Cream Alliance Show, United Kingdom          * Franchise and Chain Conferences and Expo's

Steve is a monthly columnist for the Ice Cream Alliance (UK) magazine and regularly contributes to such publications as The National Dipper, Dessert Professional Magazine, National Ice Cream Retailers Bulletin and others. In 2005, Steve began documenting his store visits and recipes on film and commenced a regular ice cream video website at This YouTube site attracts visitors from across the globe from ice cream and non-ice cream people alike. Steve is also a regular presenter on St Louis CBS channel 4's morning show, "Great Day St Louis" with weird and wonderful ice cream and frozen dessert creations.

In seeing a void in the online space for ice cream retailers, Steve has developed and founded, a web-based informational resource for the entire ice cream community. With industry interviews, vendor listings, marketing, promotion and recipe ideas, is unique in its focus towards ice cream professionals.  For those interested in opening and operating their own frozen dessert business, either wholesale or retail. Whether its frozen custard or frozen yogurt, gelato, premium ice cream, soft serve, water ice or sorbet, Steve's depth of knowledge in all aspects of frozen desserts can help you develop your concept into reality or grow your already existing business.

In 2015 Steve authored his first book “From Hopeless to Hero: How to Hire, Train and Motivate Super Employees” which became a Best Seller and No 1 new release on  The associated website has been assisting employers all over the world in finding, training and motivating their own "super" employees. 

In 2018 - Steve assumed the position of Executive Director of the National Ice Cream Retailers Association,(NICRA) a National organization dedicated to supporting and helping ice cream and frozen dessert operators, open and grow their retail or wholesale businesses.  Providing leadership to the frozen dessert community and advancing the ice cream industry in general is Steve's expertise and passion.

Steve's extensive knowledge of the ice cream and frozen dessert trade, coupled with his Aussie "larrikin" sense of humor makes for great "edu-tainment", whether in a live seminar, on TV or over the world wide web.