Constant Consult

Constant Consult is a program offered in 3 or 6 month increments to help you deal with the day to day questions relating everything from what type of ice cream to sell, all the way through to formulating a policy and procedure manual.

Constant consult can also help you through questions and solutions on the following subjects:  

*Initial concept development    *Location and site selection information   *Retail layout & floor planning           *Equipment needs and selection Base mix selections,    *Menu formulation and  development 

*Flavor profile, selection and use   *Ice cream production   *storage and display. 

*Health issues  *Policy and procedures   *Employee selection, manuals, and training. 

*Customer service training  *Small ware and appliance recommendations. 

*Opening day and grand opening events   *Catering and wholesale opportunities. 

**Constant consult sessions are available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week via phone, Skype or email    

***Appointments are preferred However urgent and/or unscheduled appointments are welcome. ****Constant consults do not include 1 to 1 visits at the retail or other locations

3 months.    $695                                                         6 months.    $895

In Store Consult

There is only so much you can do over the phone. Whether 1 to 1 or 1 to 50 training sessions at your location or store is a great and cost effective way to train a number of people at one time. 

Training agendas are extremely flexible and can be modified to suit your concept needs.
Topics for in-store consult range from;

*Equipment & small wares inventory   *Assistance with store layout   

*Training management personnel on frozen dessert equipment   *Training front line personnel   

*Cup, container and packaging information   *Scooping techniques   *Portion control  

 *Menu item assembly   *Baked items (waffle cones, belgian waffles etc)  

*Customer service techniques   *Ice cream and menu terminology

*Making specialty and novelty items   *Cakes and pies

Single day and multiple day packages available - please contact at

You have the concept, drive, and passion to get your ice cream or frozen dessert business off the ground, you just need someone to hold your hand for a little while.  After working in this industry for over 15 years and teaching literally thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, the art of opening and growing their own Ice Cream or Frozen Dessert businesses, I have learned that the needs of entrepreneurs requiring information can be many and varied.

The Hour of Power

The questions that ice cream entrepreneurs and operators have about this industry can be many and varied and sometimes can be covered in a single hour over the phone with an industry expert.

The Hour of Power is designed to maximize the impact of a single hours consultation over the phone with a submission of questions and topics prior to the call.  It is a great way to cover a lot of information in a short amount of time without committing to a long term consulting agreement. 

If, after the initial consultation call, you want to continue with any of the below mentioned consulting packages, the cost of the "Hour of Power" is deducted from your consultation package, providing you with flexibility to continue the support process without spending any more time or money.

"The Hour of Power"  - $200.00


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