Ice cream and frozen dessert training may seem like a fun 3 to 5 days of making and eating ice cream and learning about the business, but it is more than that: much more.

Our courses are designed to be a “franchise course for independents”, where students learn the theory and business principles of success and then couple them with a hands-on experience like no other course.  Over the past 12 years, Steve Christensen, (the self-appointed headmaster of Scoop School) has had over 1200 students graduate from his courses and has taught as well over 10,000 people the blueprint to success in the ice cream and frozen dessert world.  See Steve’s Bio HERE.

We welcome you to attend Scoop School in St Louis Missouri and know it will be a solid foundation for your entry and growth into the exciting world of retail and wholesale ice cream and frozen desserts.

2018 Scoop School Dates

In order to bring a frozen dessert business from concept to reality, and then build it into a successful and profitable business, there are many elements, steps and pitfalls along the way.  At Scoop School, our frozen dessert courses cover every ice cream and frozen dessert concept known to mankind, and everything in between.  On top of that, our courses are designed to give our students a solid foundation of knowledge of the industry on abroad array of topics.

Graduates of Steve courses have been overwhelmingly positive about the learning experience and have always recommended this training to others wanting to learn more about the industry, or grow their existing business.  Read many of the testimonials of past students HERE.

Course Pricing

 Masterclass Owners Course          $875.00   

Standard Frozen Dessert Course  $895.00

Foodservice Prof Course               $895.00 

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